Anniversary Photograph Ideas
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Tuesday, December 17, 2013
By Frances Muldoon
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For your Anniversary Photographs, it will depend on your style and what you are both looking for. But the idea behind photographing your anniversary is to depict the growth of your love for each other since you both got married.

Simplicity is always the most effective way to explain how your love has grown for each other, this can that includes your children or your pets(Basically Loved ones in your life!)

To make your anniversary shoot easy going and relaxed I would recommend that you meet with your photographer before the shoot to discuss what you want. The photographer will have recommendations that will guide your day and will enable you to achieve what you want.

If you are bringing a large contingent think of using bribery to keep all in check whether it is toys, snacks, or the tech gadgets to keep everyone peaceable and happy. Professional photographers should be able to get your photographs taken before the itchy feet distractions start to happen.

If you are wanting a location shoot, it would be advisable to have a list of spots or types of photos that you want and discuss them with the photographer as this will make the process efficient and quicker to complete.

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